Dr Manoj kandoi

  • Basic fracture fixation course organized by department of Orthopedics and
    Traumatology L.T.M.G. Hospital Sion in April-94.
  • Bombay Orthopedics Society western India regional Orthopedics conference (WIROC) held in Bombay 16th 17th Dec 1995
  • Advanced fracture fixation course organized by department of Orthopedics and Traumatology L.T.M.G. Hospital Sion in Oct 97.
  • Diploma of the National Board for the practice of Orthopaedic Surgery in December 1997.
  • Interlocking Nail Femur Humerus” Organized by Thane Orthopaedic Society in 11th January 1998.
  • Hands on workshop on interlocking nail system organized by Thane Orthopedics Society in January 98.
  • Attended POSI 2000 conference (6th annual conference of pediatric Orthopedics society of India)
  • Workshop on Osteotomies around the hip during ‘POSI’ 2000.
  • Pediatric fracture course during ‘POSI’ 2000.
  • Attended Orthopaedic On Cology Up Date 19/10/01 organized By BOS.
Dr Manoj kandoi

  • Western India Regional Orthopedics conference ‘WIROC-2000’ held in Mumbai 16th and 17th Dec 2001
  • Workshop on Locking Nail Organized by Indore Orthopaedic Association on 3rd , 4th February 2001
  • “Basic Arthroscopy Workshop” Organized by B.O.S. on 17th, 18th August 2001..
  • Attended and actively Jess Fixalor Workshop Organized by Bombay Orthopaedic Society from 3rd Sep to 8th Sep 2001.
  • Attended Jess course’2001 held by B.O.S. at V .N. Desai Municipal in Sept’ 2001
  • Attended ‘Implant Up Date 2001’Conducted by B.O.S. on 9/09/01 .
  • Attended ‘MOACON-2001’ at Mahabaleshwar 8/11/01
  • Attended ‘Advanced course in hand surgery’ organized by BOS on January 2002
  • Attended Orthopaedic Surgeon & Enhanced Productivity in 21st December 2007 at the Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle (W) by WiROC.

  • Shoulder & Knee Imaging for Radiology Education Foundation (REF) on 16 march 2002.
  • Attended ‘Uma Symposium-2002’ on 22nd December 2002
  • Attended “Fracture In Children” at the Holy Family Hospital, Bandra in 19th January 2003.
  • Attended Flap dissection course organized by BOS in August 2003.
  • Attended Trauma management course organized by Indian Trauma Society in April 2003 at Coimbatore.
  • Attended 17th National seminar on “Individual Achievements & National Development” On 06 Oct 2004 at New Delhi.
  • Advanced Hand Surgery ll Instructional Course Indian Orthopaedic association in 24th & 25th January 2004
  • Attended Workshop on basic illizaron Instructional Course Leactures, CMS, Conference at the Golden Jubilee Conference of The Indian Orthopaedic Association held in Mumbai in 25th to 30th December 2005 by IOACON 2005.
  • Attended & Actively Participated in the Implants Update 2006.
  • Attended “One Small Step” A CME on GAIT & Motion Analysis on 16th & 17th September 2006 at Holy Family Hospital, Bandra (W).
  • Attended CME Programme of Diabetic Foot Society of India held on 13th October 2006 at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

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